Debonaire - Electro Novocaine

Debonaire - Electro Novocaine Track Preview
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14 tracks in total. Highest quality (320) MP3 download.

Vintage hiphop infused Electro, Breaks & Miami Bass injected with a touch of Synth Pop, a milligram of Trap and one pharmaceutical grade Battle Rap. This therapeutic cocktail from the Debonaire medicinal laboratory will tweak your brain without a prescription. Completely legal mind numbing music. Put this in your brain…Electro Novocaine.


1. Bombardier (feat. Maggotron)
2. Slide (feat. CeeOnic)
3. Electro Novocaine (Injectable Therapy Mix)
4. Redrum Redocov
5. Disco Dinosaur (feat. Bo Crane & Maggotron)
6. Insomnia
7. The Bass Is Strong (feat. DJ Coral)
8. Maximize the Highs (feat. Max Durante)
9. I Like That (feat. Maggotron)
10. Joystick (feat. Jennifer Leah) [Sex Emoji Mix]
11. You Dont Need No Melody
12. Do You Read Me? (feat. Maggotron)
13. Telescope
14. Novocaine Drops

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