Maggotron - Bug Eyed Monsters

Maggotron - Bug Eyed Monsters Track Preview
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Ambitiously enveloped in a contemporary shade of Purple 808 drenched dopeness, Maggotron takes the well-worn Electro/Hip Hop Anthem that has been cloned, Zeeroxed and multiplied way too many times, deconstructs it and then transmogrifies it for modern consumption. Other world vocalizations transcendent and elaborate turntable antics combined with an arsenal of unique sample dialog placements add to the earnest and sublime Bassification of Techno-futurism's classically crafted workhorse standard.

Bug Eyed Monsters

  1.  It Came from Planet Rock
  2.  Guten Abend Nuremberg
  3.  Mothman
  4.  Skunk Ape
  5.  Bellowphat
  6.  Fly Like a Ropen
  7.  Chupacabra
  8.  Hangar #9
  9.  There's a Noise in the Attic
  10.  Bug Eyed Monsters