Debonaire - Execute: Self Extraction

Debonaire - Execute: Self Extraction Track Preview
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One of the most influential figures of the Miami Bass Electro sound Debonaire keeps one step ahead, with this breakthrough album.

  1. Recipe For Disaster
  2. Rock Planet
  3. Micro Drumulator
  4. De Cyber Tranz Vanish
  5. Freaks In The Bedroom
  6. Bitch Get Off My Myspace
  7. Crystalik Fuzion
  8. Woofer Woofer
  9. Dicta Boelcke
  10. My Town
  11. Digital Stalker
  12. Carousel Of Confusion
  13. TR-DEB (Episode IV)
  14. iPhone In My Pocket
  15. Legend At Grovers Mill
  16. Beat Technician (YouTube Video Remix)
  17. Welcome To The Boss Level